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Artificial Pulhamite cliff part of the ornamental gardens at Bawdsey Manor, Bawdsey, Suffolk, England. Bawdsey Manor stands at a prominent position at the mouth of the River Deben close to the village of Bawdsey in Suffolk, England. Built in 1886, it was enlarged in 1895 as the principal residence of Sir William Cuthbert Quilter. It was requisitioned by the army during World War I and then  returned to the Quilter before being purchased by the Air Ministry  in 1936 to establish a new research station for the development of radio direction findings. It was here that scientists including Robert Watson-Watt  developed radar for practical military use. Bawdsey was used as an RAF base through the Cold War until the 1990s. The Manor is now used as an international school and for weddings,  courses and conferences.